Apples and pumpkins my, oh my. Everything lately has been about apples and pumpkins in 2B. Not only is it the season, but its about learning. Our literacy, cooking, science, movement and excursions have included apples and pumpkins. We are counting, identifying colors and sizes, smelling and tasting, and making art centered around apples and pumpkins. But why? Well, using themes helps our brains make connections and learn more quickly and efficiently. In addition, using a theme creates focus and provides structure to ask questions and get creative. In the fall season, apples and pumpkins are EVERYWHERE! We can remember what we learn in school more efficiently if a theme is found in other environments, too. Perfect! 

For more info and ideas about themes, check this out:

This week, we were able to make choices, explore, and create around our theme. Big or small, white or orange, stir and mash, taste and smell, seeing the other class at the neighborhood market or seeing the other BMS kids at the apple picking farm are perfect ways to connect and create self-confidence making learning fun!