*Pictures will be added later tonight- sorry for the inconvenience*

"Rachel, there a baby in there?" Mia asks.

"No, not anymore. She was ready to come out," Rachel responds. 

"I have a baby in there," she points to her own tummy. "Baby boy." 

"I have a baby in my tummy too," Nina says excitedly. "I have a baby at home!" 

"My baby coming soon!" Mia announces.

There has been an abundance of language budding in our classroom! Complete sentences, complete thoughts, and complete story-lines.  We have many of these conversations each day (not just about babies, but about everything- cooking scenarios, reenacting parts of books and stories, and communicating about events that happen in our home life). 

This week we:

Got a pet fish!

The 1B classroom wanted to share one of their fish with us when they discovered that we don't have any pets at all. They had a blue fish and a red fish and voted to bring the red fish to our classroom. How thoughtful! We have been very excited about our fish, and are still brainstorming which name we would like to give it. We are also getting a better home for the fish, one that will allow us to actually have it down at child-level so they can view it whenever they would like. 

Some name ideas: Red, Red Fish, Fish, Bubbles, Swimmy // we will finalize with a vote next week!

Started an Alphabet study

We casually started introducing the letters of the alphabet. This week we were able to talk about "A" and "B." We have been brainstorming words that start with these letters, and taking turns making the letter ourselves. We will try to cover two or three letters each week, time permitting!

Discovered pour painting

Getting prepared for our special person day next week, we painted flower pots! We each chose three colors and poured them onto the pot, watching the colors drip and spill over the edges! The colors were able to run together and mix in a really beautiful way. We can't wait to present these to our special people next week.  

Went to the AT&T Park & Bought Flowers

Since the weather has been much more pleasant, we were able to go out to Morgan's Market and pick out some Spring flowers for our classroom. We've been talking about them all week, and doing various activities related to the flowers. 

Today we went out to the AT&T courtyard and did some chalk drawing, played with the parachute (no easy feat in the wind!) and did A LOT of running. We played games that got everyone to run back and forth as quick as they could. We can't wait to take more trips outside and enjoy what the season has to offer. 


We made cheese sandwiches with Diane (we tried to make grilled cheese but we all sampled the ingredients a bit early!). Did a lot of Spring related singing with Ernestina for Spanish- and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish. Did our usual routine with Coach Jojo (which went much better this week!). And we made some really yummy smoothies with Mitzi - cranberry juice, raspberries, pears and yogurt. 

Designed our Baby Sharks!

Since we LOVE the bébé Tiburón song, everyone made their own shark and we were finally able to play the song and use our shark puppets!


Next week is slated to be a super fun time, we can't wait to see everyone's special outfits and participate in great activities!

Monday- Party attire

Tuesday- Pajama day

Wednesday- Favorite color

Thursday- Beach day/ bathing suits

Friday- Stripes and polka dots