Another fabulous and busy week here in the 2A classroom! We have been doing some really amazing work together. We continued to focus on our ice cream project, but have also been working on quite a few art projects, expanding our Spanish vocabulary, and developing an intense love for cooking! 

Ice Cream!

This week we talked about different flavors and started voicing our opinions. We have been working on children being able to answer questions with a relevant answer. (Sometimes we ask a question and a random color gets tossed back to us instead of something that correlates to what we are talking about). 

What's your favorite flavor? 

Nicholas: Apple ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. I like vanilla ice cream. 

Emilio: Chocolate

Dylan: Chocolate. I like vanilla!

Katerina: Strawberry

Nina: Strawberry

Mercer: Chocolate

Parker: Pink ice cream. Strawberry!

Mia: Chocolate and strawberries and bananas. 

Levi: Strawberry. Chocolate!

Jackson: Vanilla

Morgan: Chocolate

Jayce: Vanilla

Charlotte: Vanilla

Our intention this week was to make a banana sherbet, but we didn't have all of the ingredients. Instead we got to make two delicious smoothie flavors! We will get back to making frozen treats next week. 

Mia added some cookies to our ice cream this week. 

Art projects

This week we started working on various art projects with the goal in mind to encourage and foster patience, turn taking, and also a respect for the child working as long as he/she needs to without the distraction of others grabbing or using their materials. We worked with oil pastels and made some beautiful drawings that will soon be used for watercolor painting, too. We like to revisit and reuse our projects to add depth and time to create a story or concept behind it. 

We also worked on our monthly self portraits, and took new portrait photos. 

Other art projects included: painting with fluorescent paints, drawing at the easel, making and using playdough, waterbeads in the sensory table, sand, gluing, using contact paper (sticky paper) to make a shape collage, working with shades of green for our photo backdrop (St. Patricks' day inspired!), and so much more. 


- Spanish with Ernestina was cut pretty short this week due to our photo day, but we still revisited all of our Spanish songs with Mitzi. We are also introducing the body parts in Spanish by singing a "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" song. 

- Soccer with Coach Jojo; we are working mostly on following directions. We had a really good pep talk before we went to soccer, and everyone listened so well this week! We are really proud of the growth we are seeing!

- Music with Evan. This week we sang a fire fighting song, a song about swinging through the grapevines, our usual wake up song - and everyone took turns strumming the guitar strings. 

- Science with Rachel. We cut up lemons and squeezed all the juice into our pitcher. We added a teaspoon of baking soda and watched as the mixture bubbled all the way to the top of the pitcher! We then added water and sugar -- but unfortunately the mixture did not taste very good at all. Jackson took a sip and handed it back to Rachel with a, "No, thank you." Then Rachel tasted it and understood! At least we enjoyed tasting the actual lemons!! Nina really loved tasting the lemon and carried it around with her for twenty minutes. 

- Literacy : We read a new book called "Wemberly's Ice Cream Star" which is about sharing, and waiting! We have also been reading a lot of nursery rhymes each day. Other books that we are really engrossed in right now include: "Peppa and the Big Train," "Press Here," and "My Colors / Mis Colores." 

- Clay: We used clay and snowflakes to make prints. 


We are closed next Thursday, March 15th for Parent Teacher Conferences. Please let me know if you need to reschedule your time. 

Monday, March 19th is our field trip to Eataly Downtown. We will be leaving BMS at 10:00 to get there for 10:30. There is an area where we can leave our strollers, so please bring an umbrella stroller or small stroller that morning. (I will email more details next week). 

Monday, March 19th-Friday, March 23rd is Literacy week. Cristina emailed everyone about signing up to read and work on activities with the class. We are studying the author Leo Lionni for the week (Some of his more popular works include: A Color of My Own, Little Blue and Little Yellow, Pezzetino, Swimmy . . .). 

Friday, March 23rd is dress up as your favorite character day & we will be having a tea party to celebrate. 

Friday, March 30th is the first day of Spring Break. We will be closed the whole following week (the first week of April) as well. 


Have a fantastic weekend! 

Thanks for reading with us, Alyssa!