We sang a variety of songs using musical instruments or using our hands to clap.  Throughout the week, we read a variety of books.  Our reading sessions are during circle time, snack and lunch time, and free play.  We enjoy accommodating children when they want a specific book for the teacher to read.  Pete the Cat, I love My White Shoes, Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes, Hooray for Hats and Mother Goose Rhymes are among of their favorites.  



Sensory Exploration:

Oobleck incorporates both science and sensory exploration; is a substance that's somewhere between a liquid and a solid.   It pours like a liquid but acts like a solid when you squeeze it.  The children explored with their hands and smalls cups were available for them to extend their exploration.   The children are always mesmerized when they see the mixture, Oobleck!  They look curious and explore the properties slowly by dropping their hands into the oobleck, feeling and squeezing its texture.   They touched, tapped and pressed the oobleck using their hands.  We added liquid watercolor (red), and as the teacher mixed all the ingredients, some of the children couldn't wait to delve into the activity.  Not all children participated in this activity; some decided to observe and explore with their eyes until they are ready to explore.  They smiled and appeared intrigued as they touched the oobleck.  The children used descriptive words to describe the composition: “Soft, cold, hard, water”    These different elements the children used to interpret their impression of the oobleck, encouraged them to continue exploring.    The stimulus prompted a calm and soothing disposition.   The activity promotes fine motor, language, sensory, and cognitive skills. 

Highlights of the week:

Circle Time:


Manipulative Toys: