We have finished the second week of Literacy week, and I want to thank all the wonderful readers.   We created a wishlist on books that we wanted for our classroom. Thank you for your contribution! 

Teaching children the importance of books is helping children develop proficient reading skills.  Reading aloud allows children to use their imagination, creativity, extend their vocabulary and use analytical thinking.    Parents and extended family members are always welcome to visit and read to the class.     The children are always eager and excited to have a visitor come and read to them.   Please join our beautiful classroom community and read to us!

How Clouds Make Rain: When water droplets continue to collect in a cloud, they get heavier and heavier. They will eventually become too heavy to float on the air.  Water droplets will fall to the earth as rain.  This experiment shows children how rain falls from the clouds! 


  • Jar
  • Water
  • Shaving Cream
  • Droppers
  • Blue Watercolor

The teacher poured a substantial amount of water and shaving cream into the jar.  Each child had a turn dispensing blue watercolor into the white cloud.  The shaving cream represents the clouds and the watercolor, rain. The children observed as the watercolor traveled through the shaving cream. It was interesting to watch the rain cloud start to let go of little blue water droplets!  I think it took a little longer than it supposed to because the teacher dispensed too much shaving cream.  We will try this experiment again when we return from the break!


Highlights of the Week: