We are celebrating "Literacy Week" next week.  Literacy week raises awareness about the importance and value of literacy.  Reading books are essential tools that enable children to:

  • help children become familiar with sounds, words, language and the value of books
  • stimulate curiosity, imagination, and help his/her brain development
  • reading can help children understand change and new or frightening events, and also the strong emotions that can go along with them
  • help children develop early literacy skills like the ability to listen to and understand words

                                                                                   Little Blue and Little Yellow


                                                                                               Leo Lionni

                The children listened to a beautiful story about friendship and colors. A story about two friends, little blue and little yellow, and their new color represents a merging of their two individual colors, green.  Little Blue and Little Yellow are friends, but one day they can’t find each other.  When they do, they were so happy to see each other that they hug and hug until they turn green. Although they do not stay green, they were still friends. This unique storybook is useful both as an introduction to color blending and as a story of friendship and acceptance. 

Painting Activity:

  • Using two primary colors, yellow and blue to create a secondary color, green
  • We formed two groups for this activity

First group: We provided one paper plate in which we placed one blob of yellow and blue paint.  The children combined the colors until the new hue turned green. 

Second group: We provided two paper plates, and a drop of yellow and blue paint on each plate. Then the children rubbed the two paper plates together until the green color revealed. 

                                                                                Two different ways to explore paint!

Highlights of the week:

Circle Time: