Thank you for sending in photos from Spring break! We did so much sharing this week. The friends were eager to show their pictures with each other. We are getting better and better at asking meaningful questions about each other's stories. 

Arya went to Greece with his family over the break...

Arya: I had my mom and dad and we went on a trip on the airplane to fly to Greece and landed at Greece and we're having fun there running around. Once the five days were over and then we flew back to New York. That's what my day was. 

Avery; Oh yea, and did you go on a pool?

Arya: Yea and it was warm.

Gabriel: You know in Arizona, there was a hot pool and a cold pool.

Avery: You know, I have a pool all the way next to my mom's house all the way on the roof. 

Gabriel: Me too. We will fill it up. Not yet because it's not summer time yet. 

Arya: Yea, it's too cold for the pool right now, right?

Gabriel/ Avery: Yea.

 Eliza and Sebastian shared big news with the group on Monday...

Eliza: My mommy has a baby in her belly and it's gonna come out of her bum-bum soon, because that's where babies comes from. I want a baby sister because it's gonna be a girl. I can teach her, maybe, to read a book. 

Sebastian: My mommy, too! Mommy and daddy having a baby!

Eliza: Is it a girl or a boy?

Sebastian: A boy! 

Eliza: Oh, my baby is a girl.

Sebastian: Me can teach him how to play with my toys and my video games. This is a picture of the baby in mommy's tummy. 

Noah: What's he doing in there?

Avery: Is he playing?

Sebastian: Yea, he's playing in his house. He's playing with his toys. I'm going to read him a story. 

Eliza: Me and Lucy don't know what we're gonna name the baby.

Avery: I want to name Sebastian's baby, Coco.

Sebastian: Me want to name Eliza's baby, Momma.

Eliza: Ok, I like that!

We later found out that Sebastian will have a baby sister! Congrats to Eliza and Sebastian!!!

Kai shared his NYC adventures from martial arts to the pet farm...

I stayed with Nana. I play with toys at home with Nana. Karate, Kai do karate! It's a pet farm.

Lennox: What did you see there?

Kai: I see lambs there. And picture of Kai and Arya! At the park, playing. I'm loving Arya! That's Yvie!

Eliza: Did you see them at the playground?

Kai: Yes!

Lennox shared several photos from her ski trip and dentist appointment...

Lennox: I'm going to the dentist and I was laying down. They were brushing my teeth. Do you see, Eliza? That's my story. Can I show you again, Noah? That's Nana and Papa. Do you remember them? Do you see then? 

Noah: I just have a mommy and daddy. 

Lennox: Yea, and this is my Nana and Papa. 

Gabriel: It looks so cold.

Lennox: I wore a dress to Easter. I like dresses. Do you see the Easter bunny out of the cage? Dad was reading me Moana. I can show you. And that's Nana. Can you say 'Nana?"

Gabriel: Uhh, Nana?

Lennox: Yes, okay that's good.

Noah: Is that your grandpa?

Lennox: No, that's Papa. Do you want to see them again?

Noah and Gabriel went to Arizona...

Noah: This is me and my mommy and daddy and my sister. I went to Arizona. I play a lot. I went to the Grand Canyon. I was walking in the Grand Canyon and I saw volcanos with no lava and there was brown and red rocks. 

Gabriel: And dormant volcanos are the best. they have no lava.

Noah: Active volcanos are dangerous, because they explode out lava.

Gabriel: It was so warm at Arizona and the trilobite poop made the canyon green. It's dirty and it comes from an egg. It looks like a rooster, but it isn't.

Avery shared about his trip to California...

Avery: The eggs have candy inside and Daddy helped me find them and we had scooters and had so much fun! I went to California! I go with Dad and Stefy and Rori, and Arya. 

Arya: Wow Avery, did you find all of the eggs?

Avery: Yes! I be so big so I find all of the eggs. I'm a big boy, I be so big!

Arya: I'm so big, too!

Avery: Yea, I be three years old now. 

Arya: Me too!

We were so excited to get back to school, see our friends and play!

We went to the park twice this week! To our surprise Horatio playground was closed on Friday. Luckily, the basketball field was open so we went there instead. It turned out to be even more fun than the playground! Who needs playground equipment when you have a big open space and teachers and friends to play games with!