We had such a fun week filled with new art and sensory activities that everyone absolutely loved. The big hit of the week was the shaving cream and paint table. The friends each had a big bowl filled with shaving cream, tempera paint, and wooden spoons. They were surprised to find water beads we had grown the previous week at the bottom of each bowl! The shaving cream bowls were not only visually and and tactile- stimulating, they offered fantastic opportunities for creativity and social communication. The friends pretended to make pancakes, cupcakes, pasta and meatballs, and more! Another big hit was an alternative to painting on top of the table. We turned two tables upside down with the legs facing up, and wrapped clear wrap around the legs. This created a sort of see-through easel! The friends sat on the floor around the tables and used gentle strokes with their paint brushes. So much fun! 

Jack’s dad, Jared, from the 2’s class, who is also a chef, brought us fresh pizza dough. He brought the school several batches so that we could use some for sensory play and some to make pizza. We made pizza bites two days in a row, as everyone requested more and more! The children helped knead the dough, flatten it with rolling pins, and add tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. When the pizza bites were ready to eat, we enjoyed them with our lunch. Yum! 

We ended the week by learning a little bit about St. Patrick’s Day (tomorrow). Alana demonstrated Irish River Dance to the children. First, she showed off some very impressive dance moves, then she taught them a few dance moves of their own while listening to traditional Irish music. Lastly, they watched a short video of River dance.