We welcomed Avery, a new friend to Buckle My Shoe and to the 3' class this week. It has been so nice to see the children embrace Avery as if he has been here since day 1.  We also started to work in small groups this week, including having circle time with the 3's group separate from the 2's class. We've been playing games and singing songs to help us get to know each other as individuals a little better. For example, during circle time one day we rolled the ball to a person in the circle and that person said there name, age, and favorite animal.  

Another game we played was dancing in the middle of the circle. As the year progresses we will expand what we do during these meeting times to include what is going on in our class and school community i.e. events and project work

We also started our theme days this week with Movement class with Alana on Monday, making play dough on Tuesday with Carla and a science experiment with Carla on Wednesday. 

Movement class was all about "getting our sillies out!" The children used different props to move their bodies to the music. It was so nice to see some of the children show off their unique dance moves!

As a group, the children voted on what color to make our play dough. They took turns pouring in the ingredients into a big bowl. When it was time to mix, the friends helped hold the bowl steady as another child stirred. 

For our first science experiment, we made it rain in a plastic pitcher! We used water, shaving cream, and food coloring to give the illusion of rainfall. The children took turns filling empty cups with water from the sink. Next, they poured the water into a pitcher and squeezed shaving cream over the water, which resembled clouds. Then, they each chose what color food coloring they wanted and added it to an additional cup of water. Using droppers, the children then squeezed the color water into the "clouds". Little by little, the colors bled through the shaving cream and made their way through to the water.

Arya: It's raining!

Noah: It's blue rain!

Gabriel: Yea and red and orange

Avery: And thunder, too!

Sebastian: Boom, boom!

As we worked, we talked about our experiences with rain and thunderstorms. It was also a natural transition to talking about hurricanes and our bake sale next week. The children are excited to bring in treats!

Gabriel: I'm gonna bring cookies from my home!


See you Monday!

-Carla :)