Six Little Monkeys

As part of our morning routine, we sing a variety of songs and finger plays in addition to discussing important events or projects for the day. This week, Noah suggested we sing "Five Little Monkeys." Instead of sitting down and singing the song, we acted it out! The friends helped count 6 children, therefore there would be six monkeys jumping on the bed. Each time a monkey fell off the bed, all of the children counted how many of them were left over until there were no monkeys left.

Sensory Exploration

The children spent so much time at the flour and baby oil sensory table this week. It was so messy and so much fun! The children worked together to build a volcano with the flour mixture, which continuously erupted. The best part of the volcano was that the friends built it over and over again!

Show and Share

Noah and Gabriel brought in two sticks to school that they found outside. They were so excited to show their friends that I asked them to share the sticks during circle time. Noah and Gabriel passed the sticks around to each friend. We discussed how we could use them at school. Some ideas were to use them as props for building in the block area, for painting, or for playing the drum! Encourage your child to search for sticks, rocks, acorns and leaves this weekend and bring them to school! We can't wait to see what the children find in nature and how we can use these items in our school environment. 

Spanish with Patri

- Identifying animals in Spanish with the song, Old Mac Donald Had a Farm in Spanish

Math and Manipulatives

We were busy this week working on different kinds of puzzles and manipulatives to help practice and reinforce critical thinking, fine motor and counting skills. 

Welcome to BMS Marco and Thomas!

Lastly, I wanted to introduce you to two new friends that recently joined our Buckle My Shoe community. Marco (left) transferred over from our TriBeca school this week and Thomas (right) started with us last week. Marco and Thomas are both in the 2's class, but as you already know we spend a lot of time together.