Our science fair on May 4th was a huge hit! Buckle My Shoe children are actively engaged in exploration, experimentation, and inquiry.  How wonderful it was to share that with our families and the community around us!  Isn't it amazing to see what young children can do when given the opportunity? It is a privilege to join them as they marvel in their own discoveries.

“The BMS Science Fair was so much fun! It was wonderful to see how young children are exploring the many wonders of the natural world. I even learned some new things - potatoes can light light bulbs! Adults can stand on eggs and they won't crack! It was a really unique experience, and it was so special to engage with all of the experiments together as a family!”

-Kathryn (Ellis' Mom)

“My whole family attended the science fair at BMS and we had a wonderful time! It was incredible to see the sophistication of the science projects that the children had been working on with their classmates and teachers. My daughter was so proud to show us her volcano experiment and she was equally engaged in every other room we went in. It was also a great idea the school had to open the event up to the wider community. I saw children and adults of all ages participating and learning a lot in the process. Hopefully, there will be another one next year!”

-Jasmin (Cleo's Mom)

“The Science fair exhibited all of the incredible learning experiences alive every day at Buckle My Shoe. A space to explore, experiment and engage, each of the rooms created a sense of wonder and delight in my daughter’s eyes. I especially loved experimenting with her, her friends, educators, and our BMS community, together, learning in our own ways. That’s the beauty of BMS and science - you explore and through that exploration, you learn.”
-Carly Burton Baharian (Annabelle's Mom)


Happy Holi, the Indian celebration of colors which symbolizes inclusiveness and new beginnings. Parents are always encouraged to come in and celebrate holidays with their classrooms. The children loved throwing the bright colors in the air while dancing to music!

NEW!  Classroom Dashboards

Know what's going on in your classroom!  Do you need to know what day your snack day is?  What's the funniest thing we heard this week?  Now our parents are more involved in the day to day and we can share ideas so that home and school are working together.  

The Pre-K Characters

The Pre-K classroom had a Book and Tea Party celebration to end our literacy week celebrations.  Each of the children dressed up as a favorite character and brought in the book to share with the class. 

The children then illustrated story books about their characters. After illustrations, they made medallion necklaces depicting their favorite character and created portraits of themselves in costume. David John's mom, Kylie who is a jewelry designer for her own brand, Kiley Durham, guided the children to create necklaces. Each child designed their own shrinkable plastic sheet by drawing their own story character. Everyone was proud to take home their own version of their favorite character. 

Clay Exploration

When you think about clay, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably not related to writing. Yet the importance of using clay in early childhood is deeply rooted in the strengthening of finger muscles used to properly grip and hold pencils. Clay is also a medium where children can express their thoughts in a tangible and thoughtful manner without having to use verbal abilities they may not possess. Clay can be used in both 2 and 3 dimensional creation. It is a vital tool that needs to be frequently used in early childhood education.

2016, The Year of Paper 

Each year we have a school wide intention to study and use the same material in each classroom. Last year we explored light and shadow, and this year is paper. Next year's study will be revealed to the kids before Summer School!



Our Kids, Teachers And Parents Work Together.  We Invent Projects That Use The Environment, Community And Of Course, New York City. 

The Buckle My Shoe Halloween Parade

For 33 years the young students of Buckle My Shoe Nursery School (which has locations in the West Village and Tribeca) have celebrated Halloween with a lively tradition.  Parents visit the classrooms to help their children turn a pillowcase into a costume using paint, glue, crayons, ribbons, glitter and other decorative items. On Halloween morning they all dress up and head outdoors for a colorful Halloween parade, stopping off at local businesses along the way to trick or treat.

We are three generations here celebrating our two-year old granddaughter’s first preschool Halloween experience. Both sets of grandparents traveled from Washington, DC and Vermont to go trick-or-treating. It was worth the trip. I got to see our granddaughter dressed as a monkey with her first group of school friends.
— A visiting grandmother

The Hudson River Project

Our Summer Session Threes and Fours got the chance to experience the Hudson River Project and visit the local animals that reside in the river. What an exciting experience to be able to touch and view many river residents. It was eye opening to see what the river, a part of our daily lives here on the West side, really contains. Broadening our view of the neighborhood allows us the opportunity to appreciate what we have at our disposal here in NYC!

Click here for the video!

Buddy Day

Since the beginning of the year, the children in the 1B and Pre-K classes have had a connection. They peek at each other through our mutual windows, say hello and pass toys and other treasures through the opening. We decided we needed to embrace this connection and get to know our neighbors a bit more. 

We can show them how to draw Elsa, how to not rip paper, and cap the markers. ...and how to not rip books.
— Henriette and Chloe, Pre-K