Happy Friday! 

Following our Halloween parade we have observed the children taking on a new passion for designing alongside their peers. The confidence gained from exploring the neighborhood in their own costume creations inspired so many creative and academic endeavors. 

The following identity and curriculum themes have blossomed this week: 

  • Sharing of knowledge 
  • Children leading projects with peers 
  • Giving friends comfort items in times of need 
  • Asking for help from friends 
  • How air, heat and water work in weather 
  • Airplanes and parachutes 
Hi, I’m Asha. Caleb don’t worry I’ll do it with you.
— Asha (helping Caleb introduce himself to a visitor names Eva)
When they first jump out the air goes fast and when they are close to the ground the air goes slower in the parachute
— Ben (teaching friends about parachutes)
Maybe the air there (the fan) will help the airplane fly more, you should try that, do you want to try that?
— Luke M. (developing theories about how stick airplanes fly, and suggesting them to friends)
Maybe we can go up here (to the thinking tower)
— James (testing theory of how to make airplanes fly)
Can you do this dance move?
— Cian (teaching friends his dance moves)
I can do the S really great, it’s in my name. Want me to show you how?
— Sophia (asks Caleb and Ben if they want to learn how to write the letter S)
I want to read to the class
— Aayush (proud of his new reading skills he wants to share it with his friends)