The infant-B class started their lovely school week with some exciting gym time- strengthening balance, excising and stretching their bodies. 


Exploring shaving Cream!

Shaving cream is a new sensory material explored in the infant-B class. The students seem to find it very interesting, as they slowly approached the provocation- causiously  dipping their fingers in the white puffy medium. We will defiantly reintroduce the material in the future.

How will the students react to the material next time?

How exciting! Una from the infant-A class stopped by for a playdate!

Rohan and the rest of the infant-B friends were so excited to see Una. Rohan welcomed her in with a lovely "hello" and kiss! 

Leo Billig: “That’s Funny”

The infant-B students always love it when their friends mommies and daddies play with them at morning drop off. Nate’s friends thought it was hilarious as his mommy created a game involving pretend sneezes and socks- placing socks on top of their heads and then sneezing, to see the socks fly off and fall to the ground.  Leo said “that’s funny!”. 


Paper Exploration!

The students loved playing with the long familiar material - laughing as they tangled their bodies in the long sheets of delicate paper.


A beautiful moment between friends! 

As the infant-b friends enjoyed their morning gym time, Nicole walked up to Nate and gave him a big smooch. 

What a lovely way to end the week! 

Today the students made delicious strawberry, banana smoothie! Yummy!


Have a lovely, weekend infant-B families!