The infant-B class started their week off with Self-Portraits!

As the students engaged in the drawing activity, Leo Shaftel decided he wanted a better look at the crayons, so he poured the material onto his workstation. As the crayons bounced onto his table, they also bounced onto the classroom floor. Watching the crayons fall onto the ground, Leo. Billig placed his right hand on his face and says “Oh, no”.

"Leo, what just happened? Did the crayons fall onto the floor? Oh, no! Should we pick them up and place them back in the box?"

Leo, kept his hand on his face as his teacher picked the crayons up from the floor.

“Not to worry, Leo! We can put them all back into the box”


Spanish class!

The infant-b students love Spanish class and all the beautiful songs! The students are always focused and waits patiently to see, what song their Spanish teacher will sing next.

It is very lovely to see that our friends are now following along with the songs and body movements. Bravo, students!


Valentines Day Breakfast Party and Valentines Card Exchange!

Today the infant-B students had a beautiful valentines day breakfast party with delicious fruit, muffins and yogurt- Yummy!

During the party, our friends exchanged beautiful valentine cards, to their friends and moms and dads.

Later on, the infant-B class went to visit the 1A class to exchange beautiful cards with their neighbors. Thank you, 1A!

They were lovely!

Parachute Play!

Today we introduced the students to the parachute, during gym time- tossing the colorful fabric in the air and watching the material fly and then slowly float back down.

When It was time for the parachute to fly in the air, the students were excited to feel a cool breeze that would touch their faces and make their hair dance. 

Body painting!

Painting with their bodies is one messy sensory exploration, that the infant/toddlers will never tire of. Each time they approach a canvas and paint provocation on their classroom floor, it is like it’s their first time- approaching it very slowly and in deep concentration, as they use just one part of their body, to experience the irresistible medium. - usually, using just a pointer or foot as a tester, before diving in.


Thank you, infant-b class! Have a great long weekend!