The infant-B class started their week off with gym time and yoga- excising and stretching their bodies.

Great stretching, Rohan!

In connection with our curriculum theme of the year: Self and Identity-Focusing on the child

During morning circle time the infant-B students always gather together and sing "good morning", to all their friends, welcoming each student to class. Along with singing the student's favorite songs, we also love to bring awareness to our bodies, using music. This week the children were practically interested in their feet, so we sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ and “ If Your Happy and You Know It”.

How exciting!

As we sang “if your happy and you know it stomp your feet”, Sloane picked her friend’s feet up and stomped it for him.  Not only are the students becoming aware of their own bodies, but their friends as well. Beautiful job, everyone.

We will continue to encourage body awareness throughout the school year through music, books, and exciting provocations.

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Busy Feet:

The students have been on the move! They are all so proud, using the walker to cruise around their classroom- each eager to take their turn. Wonderful job, friends!

Textured Ball Painting:

The students have always shown an interest in balls of any kind. A delighted grin spreads upon their faces each time they manipulate the round, bouncy, slightly unpredictable wonder. 

A piece of white butcher paper was attached to the bottom of the sensory bin, before adding paint and textured balls. This activity proved to be an irresistible provocation that supplied the students with endless sensory play and engaged their gross and fine motor muscles in a fun and special way.

When the box was placed in the middle of the classroom floor, it was interesting to see the students automatically go for the paint, as if the balls were not there. The explorers grasped at the bright paint colors, using their pointers to poke at the wet puddles. They are clearly paint experts now and know just what to do!

After a short while, our little sensory experts started to notice the round, bumpy balls and began trying to pick them up with their wet, colorful hands.

As the textured balls slipped from hand to hand, the balls bounced and rolled onto the white paper.

With each drop and roll, the round bumpy balls left behind beautiful imprints and trails on the paper!

In connection with our curriculum theme of the year: Self and Identity-Focusing on the child

Phase#2: Family

Finding Our Mommies and Daddies on the Light Table!

What a beautiful surprise to find their mommies and daddies glowing over the illuminating light! 

The infant-B student first went through all the 2D photos of the parents and then we noticed the students showing preference- choosing their mom or dad to explore only; giggling, staring and kissing the pictures. 

We will definitely continue exploring our family faces. 

We can't wait to see what happens next!

See you all tomorrow, infant-b families!