November Self Portraits: Excellent job, guys!

The children are very excited when they see their portrait books and crayons. 

Their beautiful lines, loops, and squiggles are the beginning steps of learning how to write :)

Water Play and Leaves: The weather is getting colder and the leaves are changing colors.

Our inquisitive infant-b students explored the fall leaves on the illuminated light table and in the water sensory bin-discovering the different shapes, sizes and colors.
The children grasped the leaves from the sensory bin and squeezed them tightly in their hands,  crushing the crisp leaves between their little fingers- enjoying the sound and texture of the wet, crunchy leaves.


Connected to the curriculum theme of the year: Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child

How exciting! Today as Leo was reading the ABC's book, he repeated the word "apple"! Shortly later he said the word "up"! 

Wonderful job, Leo! We are so proud!

You and your friends are beginning to use more and more vocabulary! 


Have a lovely weekend, infant-b families!