The infant-b students started off the week with water exploration and sponges!

How exciting!

Tossing the textured sponges in and out of the warm water, created tons of fun for our little investigators. They were all memorized, as their teacher squeezed the sponges above their heads- watching the water spill and splash back into the sensory bin.

Students, can you squeeze the sponges?

squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! 


Gym Time: climbing, standing, walking, stretching and a little bubble play!

Spanish class: Our First Spanish Lesson

The students enjoyed all the new beautiful songs their Spanish teacher sang. 

This year, throughout the school day, we will be playing and singing these fun songs in the classroom.

The more they hear the songs, the more familiarized the students will be with the lovely new music. 

Making playdough!

The students enjoyed exploring the materials to make the soft, squishy play dough before combining all the ingredients.

Playdough is a wonderful tool used for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squeezing, rolling and flattening. The material helps to develop children's muscles and encourage prewriting and other skills such as, cutting with scissors and holding a pencil.


In connection with our school theme of the year: "Self and Identity- Focusing on the Child"

During circle time the students are now shaking hands!

As we sing our "Good Morning" song, the students become very excited- patiently waiting for their turn, to shake their teacher's hand. This week Rohan not only wanted to shake his teacher's hand, but also extended his hand out to his friend Sloane.

Very nice, Rohan! Great job, Sloane!

Our good morning song is a great way to bring awareness to the children- bringing awareness to their names, their friend's names, their teacher's names and now it is also bringing awareness to their bodies.

Perfect handshakes, everyone!


Have a lovely weekend, Infant-B families!