In connection with the curriculum theme of the year: "Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child"

This week there were a lot of busy feet in the infant-B class!

The students were practicing and proudly showing off their walking skills all week- cruising through the classroom with the help of their teacher or the classroom walker.

Each day the students are becoming more and more comfortable using their bodies.

We will continue to motivate the children to keep practicing their walking skills and encourage them to take independent steps. Practice makes perfect!


Happy First Birthday, Grace!

Grace's mommy and daddy came in to celebrate Grace's big day- bringing in apple cider and apple cider donuts for all her friends. 


We sang Grace's favorite songs and 'Happy Birthday"!  

Grace's friends surprised her with a bunny for her birthday! Grace loved it!

Gym Time:

Now that the infant-B students are adjusted to their new gym, they are excited to visit and exercise their bodies. The students do "yoga", climb up and down the gym mats, roll and toss the balls and crawl through tunnels.

As you know, the students love mirrors and admiring their reflections. It was beautiful observing the students noticing their reflections in the gym mirror- briefly stopping and admiring their faces and also using the mirror as a tool to oversee the entire gym space. 

Walking Foot Prints: 

Learning to walk is one of the most important achievements in a child’s life, as it's a big step towards independence!

We thought it would be interesting if the students “saw” what their feet could do. With a little black paint, each child was guided up and down a long piece of white paper.

With each of the children’s feet painted black, each student walked along white butcher paper, leaving behind beautiful, unique foot prints.

Keep up the excellent work, students!

You will all be walking in no time!


Thank you.

We will see you all tomorrow, infant-b families!