The infant-B students were excited to start their week off with Painting their pumpkins!

Painting Pumpkins: 

Before painting their white pumpkins, the students explored them- gently rubbing their hands across the pumpkin's smooth, rippled skin.

The children showed interest by mouthing the hard pumpkins and rolling them across their work stations.

As soon as the students were offered the orange paint and silver glitter, they seemed less enthusiastic about their pumpkins and more interested in the bright, shiny, wet materials!

Understandable! Paint and glitter is fascinating and eye-catching!

The infants used their hands and fingers to experience the chilly, wet, shiny textures on their slick pumpkin skin. It made the pumpkins SO slippery and hard to grasp onto!

Excellent painting, infant-b students!


In connection with our curriculum, "Self and Identity-Focusing on the Child"

The children have been showing great interest in exploring their beautiful faces in the mirrors and pointing to their friend's portraits in their classroom.

We thought it would interesting if we took 3D photos of each friend and placed them on the light table. 

The students wore big smiles, as they took notice to the familiar faces glowing in the light. 

The 3D photos will be used as a stimulating provocation to promote awarness of self- "Where is your friends nose? Eyes? Mouth?"

Apple Tasting: 

Our friends in the 1A room were kind enough to think of the infant-b room, and share a few delicious apples-red and green.

The infant-b students were very excited to taste the round, sweet fruit. Yummy!


Busy Feet!

The infant-b students were so proud to show off their walking skills, in front of their mommies and teachers, this morning.

Very impressive! We are so proud!

Sloane, you have beautiful balance! Bravo!

Leo, you are walking so good! It was an amazing and exciting surprise to see how well you use the walker!

We will continue to encourage the students to practice their walking skills with songs, stimulating provocations and walking materials. 

We will see you tomrrow, infant-b families