Hello Families, 

This was a very short week. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside to the Washington market park for a walk. What a beautiful day. Our friends loved it. They were so calm and quiet on their whole way.

Our friends have started recognizing each other and started looking for each other. They have started playing with one another, sharing their toys with each other and helping each other feel better. We are loving how this class is becoming self-sufficient and a community. Talking about forming a community and how they recognize familiar faces, I have a video I want to show you all.

Here's the link - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lx1IL2SBpkFJc2FX-kfOHRp-1_ubTa5S  

Holding Hands.

This video is so beautiful because Annabelle is gazing at Teagan and trying to reach for something that is in her reach. The minute Teagan feels something on her body she goes ahead and grabs it. And they, in turn, hold hands :) It was an amazing moment to capture.

On Thursday, we decided to paint family pictures. At first, it was beautiful to see how they all reacted to the family pictures. They all had a beautiful smile. It was wonderful to see how they crawled to their family picture and painted those instead of their friends family picture. Antoine and Una painted their's first and then decided to paint Teagan's. It is good to see how they not only recognize their family pictures but also the family of their friends.

On Friday, we joined the infant-b friends to the gym. We are working on forming a community in our school with our other school friends. They all had so much fun exploring with one another. We also explored tissue paper and contact paper on the light table as our friends were showing interest in that yesterday. They explored the activity for so long today. Will try it with different color tissue paper next time. 

Reminder- Next week we meet for Holi Celebration on March 1st, 2018. Please make sure our we are dressed in a white shirt.

March 6th- Picture Day :) I will send the schedule as soon as it is out. 

Have a wonderful week ahead.