Hello Families,

This week has been wonderful. In the midst of all the transitions and separation anxiety phase, we managed to have a good time by exploring and getting messy.

This week we noticed that our friends have inclined towards the light table and more so the Magna Tiles. They like the Magna tiles because they can put it in their mouth and use it as a teether. Therefore, since the past two days, we are focusing more on the light table and the Magna Tiles. Yesterday, we covered the light table and Magna tiles with paint and blue paper to see what our friends would do with it. The younger ones glided their hands through the Magna tiles and felt the blue paper whereas Antoine and Una tried tearing the paper to reach for the Magna tiles and the paint. Antoine managed to reach for the paint and enjoyed getting messy. This morning Una and Teagan showed interest so they got a chance to get messy. Annabelle was sleeping so couldn't explore with her. But instead, we painted her feet so that she gets the feel too.    

We are also trying to push all of them to reach for objects. On Wednesday, we set a provocation with blocks and musical instruments as these are their two favorite most areas. Some motivation:) Pushing Una to crawl and pushing Teagan and Annabelle to reach for objects. It is working.

I am really happy that all our friends are adjusting well and the transitions are very smooth now.