On Monday, we did quite a few things. We explored a ziploc bag on the light table which had shaving cream, hair gel, paints and a mirror board. Una enjoyed the activity as she could look at herself everywhere but Nathaniel was out of it because it wasn't messy. We even explored shaving cream for the first time at school. Nathaniel loved it. He wanted to put it on my face to see how it feels, and I guess he liked it because he kept applying it on my face. Later in the afternoon, when I was doing an activity with Una, Nathaniel was playing on his own and when I noticed, he was playing peek-a-boo on his own. When I went over, he started playing that with me. It is beautiful to see how they grasp things and observe things and implement them. Una has started recognizing me, so everytime she sees me she smiles and makes sounds. I love it.

Tuesday- Was a holiday.

On Wednesday- Nathaniel was completely into shaving cream and paints. He applied it on his hands, legs, everywhere. He was trying to crawl into it, reach for toys, etc. The activity went on for almost 15-20 mins. It was fun to watch him play. 

On Thursday- We explored white sand with green+black powder just to create a "Dirt" effect. Una liked it she played with it for quite some time, whereas Nathaniel wanted to put it on the carpet and crawl in it. He did it. They both enjoyed it and what amused them was the color changing from white to green. Una did well sitting up. She did not cry neither did she look uncomfortable. 

It was a fun week. 

Enjoy your long weekend :)