It was another fun-filled week in 3B, complete with special guests and a birthday and birthday preparations. We are beginning to embark on a community unit in our classroom, and this week we had many opportunities to explore some of the various dynamics of what makes a community. Zara shared some her closest community with us this week. Her brothers, Emil and Remy, came in to read us stories and do a science experiment. We very much enjoyed having them spend the day with us! Everybody had a lot of fun.

Additionally, we shared in community experiences with teachers this week. We celebrated Adam's birthday, we continued our cooking experiments with Diane, and we spent time with Pre-K while Syd lead all of us in some breathing and meditation exercises. 

Also, we began our class preparations for Elizabeth and Kian's birthdays, which are Monday. The friends from 3B discussed what they know that Kian and Elizabeth like to do and what their favorite colors are. By thinking consciously about our friends/community, we take a little extra time to see how they are special additions to our everyday lives.  In the days and weeks ahead, community will be a big topic in 3B. We are looking forward to some great activities, field trips, conversations that highlight just how wonderful all of our different communities are to be a part of.