This week we focused on finding ways to raise money for children impacted by the Hurricane in Texas. The children were involved in every step of our efforts and even developed new ways to show support and love. 

Thanks so much to all the families who helped make the lemonade and bake sale a success! We raised $254!

On Monday we gathered together in the Pre-k room and introduced our school-wide project of providing charitable funds to children and schools impacted by the hurricane. The children had amazing ideas of how to help and worked on their empathy skills by understanding how storms look and feel. We lightly touch upon the topic by explaining that it rained a lot and some toys and school supplies got wet. 

On Tuesday,  3B was hard at work baking cookies. Here we want to say thank you for generous cookie donations!

Wedensday: Bake sale day! The children were so excited to sell cookies in front of school. Some of them even remembered to tell our customers where the money will go. 

Today, we reflected on our bake sale day as well as sold the remaining ones! 

Just a quick reminder: The school is closed tomorrow, September 29th, 2017 (Yom Kippur).

Have a great and safe weekend everyone!