Guessing Glove Game

September 18, 2017

 Recently, during open choice time Graydon invented a game. It all started with him hiding kitchen food under his t-shirt and asking one of his teachers to guess what he hid. Soon his friends started to join the game. Graydon would help them guess by providing hints. It seemed that the children were really involved and engaged in this game taking turns and establishing rules. As soon as Kian got involved he modified this game by bringing an oven mitt and placing an item inside of it (instead of under the t-shirt). Instantly he came up with a name for this game, “Guessing Glove.” It seemed that the inventor (Graydon) and participants agreed to that change as they started to use the glove.

Inventing games helps children develop organizational skills such as having a plan and putting it to work. Children must decide how the game will be conducted and plan the sequence for playing it. Once the game has been planned and constructed, a child (Graydon) teaches the game to others who play it (all of his friends). This also promotes cooperation with others and teaches children the concept of turn taking.

Playing the game over time, children will create new elements and make modifications to the game. We can’t wait to see what modifications will happen as we will encourage Graydon to teach us his game.


During our reflection meeting we reflected on Guessing Glove game and engaged in playing it with the class.

One of the teachers holding up an oven mitt:

“Who can tell me what this is?”

“A glove,” responded a number of the children

Teacher: “What was the game you were playing with this glove in the block area with Adam?”


Teacher: “What did you use this glove for?”

Kian said, “Guessing Glove.”

Teacher: “How did you play the game?”

Graydon: “Adam tried to guess what is inside.”

Teacher: “What were some of the rules of the game?”

“No peeking,” cried out Elizabeth

“We give hints,” Vivi chimed in.

Teacher: “It seemed that you had fun playing this game. Graydon, will you please show us how to play this game?”

Graydon went and retrieved the glove, brining it back with a plastic food item from the kitchen inside.

Teacher: “Graydon, will you give us hints?”

Graydon: “It is yellow and white.”

“Eggs,” guessed Elizabeth

Graydon then took fried eggs out of the Guessing Glove.

“I guessed it,” exclaimed Elizabeth.

Hints provided by Graydon (about a roasted piece of chicken):

- It is food.

-You eat it for dinner.

-It is brown.

"Chicken," exlaimed Vivi!

This game strongly supports children's laguage growth (vocabulary, expressive language) and their listening skills. Learning in a fun way!