Here in 3B we have been so blessed to have such great family participation in sharing all of our family traditions. Today was another example of that as Valdi's mom came in and shared with the class a family tradition. The class got to learn about their family drive to Montreal every year at the holidays. We learned that they drive through mountains and forests which are very beautiful, and in Montreal they go to a great big mall with a real train in it. "Do you know who drives the train," Nadja asked the class. "Elves!" This got the children's attention, as there has been a lot of talk about elves in our classroom lately. After the train, there is always a nice visit with Santa, which we all got see a lovely family photo of. Next, Nadja read to the class! Of course, given Valdi's tremendous love of dinosaurs, she read us How do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad? It was a wonderful experience for our class today! Thank you so much, Nadja, for coming and sharing today. It was great!