Today was a very special day as we had two secret readers to come and share books with us. Nanna (Vivi’s grandma) read us a book about sharing. After the story we practiced some sharing skills as well as using our “please and thank you.”

The second special guest was Zara’s auntie. She read us two books. One was a book based on a nursery song and the second one was about being a good friend. Thank you for coming and please come back soon.

Adam and I would like to extend an invitation for coming and reading books with us!


This week we talked a lot about how to take care of our pets. Since we have Pinky and 5 fish to take care of, it is important that we take a proper care of these little creatures to keep them healthy, happy, and safe.

Caring for a small pet provides children with the opportunity to learn more about animals firsthand.  They can learn about caring for animals and the responsibility that goes with it. Furthermore, having a classroom pet provides a wonderful opportunity for learning about empathy, friendships, nature, science, and living things.

We can tell that everyone in our classroom is excited about having Pinky. We can alredy hear children having conversations about it when Pinky comes close to them. They are eager to pet him and take care of him i.e. some of the children wanted to share their lunches with Pinky. That is leading us to our first reserach which will focus on food that we can provide that is good for our bunny. 

We would like to wish everyone a safe and fun weekend.