This week we focused mostly on feelings and emotions. Since emotions are a big part of who we are it is important to indentify different emotions and talk about them. Adam and I observed that when some conflicts arise in our class, not always the children have tools to solve the problems without someone getting very upset.

Most of preschoolers need guidance to help them interpret their own feelings and emotions and to interact appropriately with others. We hope that through different activities we help the children to communicate their feelings and emotions effectively and at the same time to deflate tense situations and to understand themselves better.

Some of the activities included:

-       Expanding children’s vocabulary to express how they feel i.e. happy, angry, sad, excited, frustrated..

-       We introduced emotion concept through books, puppet shows and social situations,

-       We allowed the children to express their emotions and feelings by saying, i.e. “It’s ok to feel upset but hitting hurts. What are some other ways to let that person know that your are upset?”

-       We encouraged the children to talk to each other about how they feel in certain situations, i.e. “I don’t like when you take something away from me,” or by saying, “No, thank you!”

-       As educators we model self-control by using calm and descriptive language to voice our own feelings,

-       The most important: we will give the children time and space to explore their feelings, we will provide support and tools to support their emotional growth,

-       And we will continue doing it in a fun and engaging way!


In addition:


Since our 3B students love to read books, we encouraged them to become authors and illustrators of their very own books. We already have some great stories written down. More details to be revealed during our First Celebration Day on October 27th.


Tomorrow we have another exciting day ahead of us… Please stay tuned:)