This week 3B continued talking about ways of solving conflicts verbally as well as using their language to express how they feel.  Every time conflicts arise, Adam and I work with involved children in solving the problem in a calm way. We help them work it through conversation and listening to each other. With time we hope to let the children solve problems on their own and provide support only if necessary (this takes some practice). Being able to solve social conflicts (standing up for them selves, sharing, speaking up) is an important life skill to have.


We started jobs! The children are really eager to be involved in helping around the classroom. One of the jobs is to be a weather reporter and this job not only require reporting the weather (sunny, cloudy, windy, snowy, rainy) but also we talk about days of the week. This introduces the children to the time concept as they can associate certain events with one of the days of the week i.e. we have music with Evan on Thursdays.


Last but not least… We are preparing for Halloween. Most of the children already decided on what/who they would like to be. More details to follow in tomorrow’s blog.

Please, if you have not sent a white t-shirt yet please do so as soon as possible. We plan on starting to decorate costumes on Monday! Yay!