We started off our week with some art inspiration.  We have noticed that not many of the children are into art, so we wanted to give them a little nudge with an art study.  This week we focused on Piet Mondrian.  During morning meeting the children observed, critiqued, and asked questions about a few pieces of Mondrian's work.

While working on his piece, Angelo asked two interesting questions: (1) Why was Piet Mondrian good at art? and (2) Why did he use black in between?  We hope as we continue focusing on an artist each week, the children will continue to ask questions, gain an interest in art, and create masterpieces of their own.

Next week we will focus on Jackson Pollock.  This one is going to be messy!

Block play continues to be an interest in the classroom.  This week, we added New York City wood pieces as parts of the children to use in their play.  The pieces inspired the children to create their version of New York City.

While we were out for a walk on Thursday, we came upon many construction sites.  Elle used this as the basis for her block structure: she created a tunnel.

To help bring their block play to the next level, we will have the children start drawing pictures of their structures (which also brings in the art aspect), and work on labeling parts (hello literacy!).

This week's science project was sink or float.  The children chose a variety of objects to test.  One object that was interesting was the cotton ball.  It began by floating, but as it absorbed (something the children learned from our last science experiment), the cotton ball began to sink.