The children have come a long way when it comes to regulating their emotions.  In addition to talking about our highs (good moments from the day) and lows (bad/sad moments from the day), we showed them a video about emotions.  The children realized that one way to help them feel better is by taking a deep breath or by giving themselves a hug.

Respecting our friend's wishes and space has also come up this week.  One rule we came up with when sitting during circle is to make sure there is enough space between everyone.  To do so, the children put their hands down on their sides, and if it is touching another friend, they they are too close.  Here is a video we watched on being respectful.  (As the week went on, they children mentioned when they felt cared for and important.)

This week we spent a lot of time on Valentine's Day activities.  The children have been working on special gifts for their parents, or making cards in the writing center.

We had another block workshop this week to help the children remember some of the ideas their learned during the last workshop.

This week's science project was all about absorption.  The children chose items (ranging from train tracks to socks) from around the classroom to test in the water..  They made their predictions and then marked what happened on a chart.  Some friends also drew pictures of what happened to some of the items.

We have a new toy in the classroom: Pound-a-Pattern.  We have been singing and movement song during morning meeting (Johnny Works with One Hammer) so we thought this would be the perfect toy to put the song into action.

Lastly, we ended the week by painting on saran wrap, wrapped around the legs of an upside down table!

Next week we'll be making ravioli, conducting another block workshop for our MWF friends, and partaking in another science project!  Have a great weekend!