The children have not missed a beat this week.  As soon as we came back to school, cooking was on their minds and at the forefront of their play.  

Milo: Melissa, do you want some food?

Melissa: Yes, please.  Do you have any soup?

Milo: No.

Melissa: Maybe we can look through one of the cookbooks to find a soup recipe.

Milo: (looks at the soup pages we found) I want to make this one. (a navy bean and potato soup recipe)  I want to make soup for my family.  I want to make bread to eat with the soup.

We then began looking for different soups on Pinterest.  Milo decided on making carrot soup and William wants to make broccoli and cheese soup for his family.

We also had a block workshop which has really gotten the children interested in building and creating various structures.  During our first workshop, we focused on using only unit blocks to build.  The children learned that they can make many structures by bridging the blocks or piling them on top of each other.

Family play has also begun developing.  Elle and Milo spent 1/2 hour, in the dramatic play area, putting diapers on the babies, feeding them, and putting them to sleep.

Milo's baby wanted to play but Elle was putting her baby to sleep.  Eventually, Milo's baby took a nap too.  Elle went over to Melissa to let her know that everyone had to quiet down because the babies were sleeping.

We ended the week with more cooking play in the sensory table, with cloud dough, and more recipe searches in the kitchen area.  

It was a short week and we didn't get to feature all the children on the blog.  We're back to a regular week next week, so look out for all the children being featured!