On Monday the children came to class and were asking lots of questions about why the room looked different and why we changed it around.  We read Pete the Cat Saves Christmas and My First Chanukah.  Then we went to the gym and played Red Light, Green Light.  When we got back to class, some children helped paint a large posterboard with red, green, and blue paint.  Once it was dry, we cut it into different shapes to make ornaments for the tree at the front of the school.

On Tuesday we had a discussion about cooking.  We've decided that we want to cook a meal for every family!  Each week, a family will be going home with a meal made by the children!!  Afterward, we had gym where we had free play and acted out We Are the Dinosaurs.  When we got back to class we had Spanish.  We learned a new song: Feliz Navidad.  After Spanish, the children worked on either creating ornaments for one of the school's Christmas trees or making our class menorah out of clay.

On Wednesday we played a new game during morning meeting.  The children had to guess which friend was missing from the circle.  Afterward, some friends helped paint some large craft sticks to create a start fo the top of our tree at the front of the school.  Next, it was time for gym!  After gym was the much-anticipated activity of cooking with Diane!  They made brownies and added a special ingredient to make it extra chocolaty: chocolate chips!  After baking it up, it cooled off for the Santa party on Thursday.

On Thursday we combined with 3B.  During morning meeting we shook a parachute with small bells inside while singing Jingle Bells.  We also sang Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer while wearing red noses made out of red paper.  Next, it was time for gym.  Afterward we had free play: the children decorated candy canes, and worked on more ornaments for the tree.

Friday was Pajama Day!  We spent most of the day with 3B and Pre-K in the Pre-K room.