Sky gazing

"Look up there!" 

"I see a dinosaur!" 

On Monday we started off our morning meeting with sharing what we all did during our Thanksgiving break.  A lot of the children mentioned spending time with their families.  Afterward, we put on our jackets and took a walk over to Tribeca Kitchen to give them our Thank You card, thanking them for all the treats they give us during Halloween.  Then we took a stroll around the neighborhood, in search of letters.  When we got back to school the children worked at the sensory table, played together in the kitchen area, painted with tempera cakes, painted with tempera paint,and some children worked on their November self-portrait.

On Tuesday we combined with 3B for part of the morning.  The children explored the classroom, reunited with Pinky, and played with their 3B friends.  Activities for the day included collage with foam pieces, easel painting, clay, and blow painting (blowing on liquid watercolor paint, through straws, in order to get the paint to move along the paper). Afterward we went back to our classroom where we had Spanish.  We learned a song about feelings, the days of the week, and the weather.  When Spanish was over, the children began working on a multi-step project using craft sticks, and played ABSeas (a letter fishing game).

On Wednesday we started our morning with Dylan reading a book to the class about a dad and his son.  Then we had a discussion and graphing of who is in our families.  Next it was time for another story: we read Wolfie the Bunny.  The children then continued working on our craft stick collage, explored the sensory table (soapy water, lavender oil, flower petals, purple liquid watercolor paint, and purple glitter), painted with tempera paint, and worked in the block area.  Afterward it was time for soccer with Coach JoJo.  Then it was time for cooking with Diane.  Today we made pasta salad (pasta, tomatoes, chickpeas, cheese, garlic powder, oregano, and olive oil).  We ended the day by celebrating Will's 3rd birthday.  Happy Birthday Will!

On Thursday we combined with 3B again.  We've noticed that the children play differently when they are in a mixed group of young and old threes.  They share more ideas, they teach and learn from each other, and are really starting to form friendships with each other.  We began our day playing the ABSeas game, followed by morning circle, and then we had gym.  The children completed an obstacle course, played bowling, and freeze danced.  Afterward, we went back to class, read The Book with No Words, and had music with Evan.  Everyone had a chance to play a guitar that he brought in for them to try.  Then it was free choice time.  The children drew, explored the sensory table, built with magna-tiles, created a train track, built with bristle blocks, and built with wooden loose parts and submersible lights.

On Friday, the class combined with Pre-K for morning free play.  Afterward, we had morning meeting and shared snack.  For shared snack we had cheddar puffs, veggie straws, and hummus.  Thank you Joseph!  It was a nice day out, so we took a walk around the neighborhood, looking for more letters.  On Monday, we will look through all the letters we found to see what the children say.

Pictures from our walk on Friday can be found on our instagram page.

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