On Monday, for our music/movement theme, we played a new game with the children.  While music was playing, the children would dance around the room.  When the music stopped, they had to find a hoop to stand in.  Each time the music stopped, a hoop was taken away, causing the children to share their hoop with other friends.  We also went for our first walk around the block!

On Tuesday we had our first Spanish class.  The children learned words for hands, feet, head, slow, fast, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, hello, good-bye, thank you, and high five.  The teachers, Michelle and Mimi, were great and keeping the children engaged with lots of interactive songs.

On Wednesday we had our first soccer class with Coach JoJo.  The children worked on their kicking skills by kicking balls, tall cones, and short cones into the nets.  We also had cooking/science with Diane.  She brought in apples from the farmer's market and the children tasted them along with lemons, lime, cinnamon honey, and wildflower honey.  Afterward we talked about which flavor we liked the most.

On Thursday we had our first music class with Evan.  We also continued our child identity study, focusing and talking about what the children think they are best at and what makes them special.  At the end of the day we celebrated Joseph's 3rd birthday!  There was a pinata, balloons, pizza, and cake.  Happy birthday Joseph!


On Friday we started our day with shared snack.  Angelo brought in goldfish crackers and apples.  Then we set up two activities for the children: marble painting and a drawing prompt (googly eyes glued to a piece of paper).  The children loved the activities.  We also continued our child identity study where we asked the children what they are great at doing.  Something we have noticed developing this week is how the children identify themselves according to the first letter in their name or any of the letters in their name.  To foster this interest, we graphed how many children had the letter A in their name.  We discovered that two children have two A's, four children have one A in their name, and two children have 0 letters in their names.  We will continue graphing and discussing letters as the weeks go on.  Lastly, William and Milo worked together to build a house for our stuffed animal bunny.  (More pictures will be added on Tuesday from today)