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On Monday we began working on Halloween costume ideas, started self-portraits, made paper jack-o-lantern, painted with white paint on black paper, explored the block area where an image of a running creek was projected onto the wall, and explored our sensory table filled with green water and water-filled gloves.  It was a great start to a wonderful week!

On Tuesday we painted on white paper with black paint, explored with a new manipulative (pentominoes), had our first fire drill (the children did a wonderful job of listening and following instructions), had a picnic in the kitchen area, had Spanish with Michelle, some animals needed some care from the doctors, worked on a Halloween matching game that Diane made for the class, explored submersible lights in the sensory table, and the children signed in the sign-in book for the first time.

On Wednesday we had soccer with Coach JoJo, explored submersible lights in the light table, had a major paper cutting session (almost every child sat around cutting and ripping paper), made tea sandwiches with Diane (apple butter, cream cheese, and an apple slice), and continued coming up with our costume ideas.

On Thursday we combined with the 3B class.  The children had a wonderful time playing with their new friends.  We'll be combining once a week to collaborate on work/projects.  The children built with magna-tiles, explored the block area (jungle animals with jungle/forest sounds in the background), had music with Evan, played a letter matching game, and completed an obstacle course in the gym.

On Friday, 3B came to visit us.  Melissa and Ada acted out The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything.  The children enjoyed the show.  Afterward we went to the park!  The children did a wonderful job of staying on the rope, coming up with park rules, and listening to the teachers when we got to the park.