On Tuesday we started the day by saying hello of our new classmate: Rex.  Afterwards, Dylan requested that we find out how many O's are in everyone's name.  This past Friday we did A's.  The sensory table had soapy water with kitchen materials (pots, pans, and utensils).  The children really enjoyed exploring the water.  We also had Spanish with Michelle.  They learned the words for circle, triangle, and heart, in addition to what they go over on a weekly basis (hello, good-bye, thank you, various body parts, and colors.)  At the end of the day we celebrated Elle's birthday.  Her mom read If You Give a Pig A Party.  Afterwards we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes.  Happy 3rd birthday Elle!

On Wednesday half the class went to Riamede Farm for our apple picking trip.  When we got there they we had apple cider and donuts.  Then we took a hayride to the pumpkin patch, and a short walk to the apple trees.  We had a wonderful time and made sure to bring back a pumpkin and some ghords for the classroom.

Back at school, friends from the 3A and 3B class went for a walk to purchase some pumpkins for the classroom.  When they got back to school they decorated their pumpkins using sharpie markers.

On Thursday we started morning meeting by recognizing the first letter of everyone's name.  We're hoping to tie their interest in letters to their Halloween costumes.  Afterwards we had gym, followed by cooking with Diane.  Today we made apple pie.  It consisted of pie crust, apples, cinnamon, and honey.  We ate it for snack the following day.  Throughout the day, the children explored the sensory table (gloves filled with glow sticks), created a car using a box and a few blocks, and worked on observational paintings of pumpkins and gourds.

Friday was a busy day.  We started the day with shared snack: our apple pie that we made with Diane yesterday.  The children were busy playing in the dramatic play area: they played car, played with the babies, and acted out the role of construction worker.  For art they painted with orange and red paint, and explored clay.  After class, in gym, we set up an obstacle course and the children loved getting their energy out in a new way.  At the end of the day we celebrated Milo's birthday.  Him mom and grandmother came in to read From Head to Toe and Little Quack's Hide and Seek.  Afterwards we had lunch and then celebrated with cupcakes.  Happy Birthday Milo!