This week, something new and exciting happened each day:

On Monday, we had an edible show and tell! Lauren's mommy brought in Korean pancakes and a drink made from Yuzu and honey. It was delicious! We also painted papers to make baskets for our egg hunt and we played a new and exciting cube game in the gym where we bunny hopped the number we rolled. 

On Tuesday, we had an egg hunt in the upstairs gym - it was so fun! We found many eggs in many colors and everyone got to take some home. We also made a very special chicken and vegetable soup. It was special because some of us who are not adventurous eaters tasted the soup and the whole 2B class loved it! Also, after lunch we got to watch the construction work take place outside our window. We loved describing what the machines were doing!

On Wednesday, George and Grady had a joint birthday celebration! George had Peter Pan decorations with a crocodile cupcake cake and a pirate ship balloon. Grady had funfetti cupcakes and a Lightning McQueen balloon. George’s mommy read the story, “How do Dinosaurs say, Happy Birthday?” and Grady's mom help us clean up our grassy confetti party. We all took turns being a bunny too! 

On Thursday, we celebrated Romeo's birthday in a special way with “doughnuts” (or actually doughnut holes). It was also special because Romeo’s sister and dad were there. “I’m not a baby. I’m a boy!” said Romeo. Each of us talked about our favorite doughnut flavors, too. Last but not least, we got to read one of our new books that arrived from our Literacy Week Wish List.