Today, we did a cool science project with baking soda and green vinegar. We made bubbling sand! We used all of our senses in this project. Our ears to help us listen to directions, our touch to feel the sand, our smell to describe the vinegar, and our eyes to see the bubbles and color changing. Luckily no one tasted the sand, because we talked about how regular sand does not taste good so neither would the green sand. Our friends were so observant today! Here's what some of us had to say:

What does this green stuff smell like?

Jude: "It's liquid"

Lauren: "Smells like ketchup"

What does the sand feel like?

Sloane: "Feels cold."

Thomas: "It's messy."

What does it look like? / What do you see?

Cole: "green"

Romeo: "Look, Hillary, the sand is green now."