This week we have seen more imaginative play and artwork. From putting out invisible fires and riding in cars, to covering a boat to keep out water and making snowmen and big bears out of clay - we sure know how to get creative! Today, Romeo made a snow man family with clay while Cole made a big bear (see the pictures below). In gym, friends take turns pretending to be the rainbow ghost - a funny character that 2B has carried over from last semester - while Oliver likes to be a kitty cat and sleep in nice little block houses with his friend Grady, who is never a kitty cat. In the upstairs gym, Lauren covered the boat shaped seesaw with a veil. "What is this for?" Hillary asked her. "No water come in." she replied. Smart! 

As a group this week, we made shaving cream art which was so cool. "It looks like a rainbow!" said Jude and Devin P. said "It smells good can I eat it?" We also painted the box that we use to play store and sometimes use as a cave to sleep in. It is so fun being creative in our art and play, and it's even better to share our imaginative expression with friends. Let's see where it takes us in the future!