Lately, the 2B class has been playing store in the gym. We like to set up the climbing blocks as store stands and sell ice cream, cookies, chips and juice. Some classmates like to be customers, while others like to be store owners. Today, Sloane and Jude set up a shop, and then Alisha, realizing their store was too crowded for three people, chose a different block to set up her own shop next door. Grady came by with some money, Jude and Sloane were busy with other customers, so he asked Alisha for ice cream.

Today, one shop became two, and maybe soon, as Reggio educators, we can facilitate a project to create a larger store or more stores that sell different goods, not just in the gym, but in the classroom and beyond. Where do our students want to go with this? How can we incorporate this into learning, STEM/curriculum, and social/emotional development. Perhaps, we can take a field trip to a local shop to sell how buying and selling works. We can count the money and take turns. We can vote or make decisions on what store items we like best. We can decide prices for items and negotiate our wants.

 Interestingly enough, with our school intent focused on identity this year, we are going from a focus on family to a focus on neighborhood, environment, and culture. Instead of the 2B class playing house at the moment, they've taken a natural interest in the next environment outside of the home - to places where they go with their families.