In the month of November, we are utilizing nature to learn and explore in the 2B classroom. We are counting leaves, practicing color and texture recognition, using art, and playing games related to nature such as "I spy..." and "Going on a Bear Hunt." Science, math, art, literacy, and creativity can all be found in our nature related activities. Also bridging the connection between classroom, city, home, and the outside world is so important for their developing minds and critical thinking. Today, we examined leaves and pinecones with the magnifying glasses. "What's that?" Alisha asked about the white growths on the edges of the pinecone. "I don't know, maybe its dried mold. What color is it?" Hillary asked. "White. What's mold?" said Alisha. "That's a good question. Sometimes it grows on things outside." said Hillary, who needs to do more research. Questions that arise from things the kids don't see on a normal basis are the most important questions for creativity and critical thinking. If you have a chance, please take your children in nature as much as possible so that they can explore and question new things.