This week, after lots of play and then parent teacher conferences, we took a cupcake break. We went to Baked to see how cupcakes are made, and then we got to decorate our own. We walked on the shape rope with our adults down the street in the wind and cold. We waited for the crosswalk light and we said hello to the construction man. We were careful on the stairs down into the bakery. "Big oven!" said one classmate. "Look, cups!" said Romeo. Everyone was so impressed by the display. When we sat down to decorate the cupcakes, we found out that Grady does not like frosting, while Oliver loves the frosting. Also, some classmates put lots of sprinkles, while others carefully put a few. It felt like one big family eating together with some of our actual families even in the same room. As November and December come, we will be asking "Who is our family?" and "What does family mean?" What an amazing morning!