This week, in addition to focusing on memory and recall, we have really been practicing the development of our fine motor skills. On Monday, we used our hands to scoop out the insides of our Jack-O-Lantern and we used our fingers to examine and count the tiny seeds inside. With Diane on Tuesday, we were grasping plastic knives to spread cream cheese and apple butter on our tea sandwiches. We worked on Wednesday placing very skinny birthday candles into birthday cakes during morning activities. On Thursday, Evan let us try a finger piano during music and Debbie let us practice cutting paper with plastic scissors. On Friday, we were so busy in the sand box very carefully painting our clay pumpkins, which had dried from last week. Devin S. even decided to very carefully paint her hand! We are reaching fine motor development milestones left and right. We are strengthening the muscles in our fingers and hands and we are practicing placing, grasping, spreading, pushing, poking, pinching, and squeezing all in various class games and art projects. How exciting!