Today we celebrated our last and third Curriculum Day (Peers and School).  As a community, we build relationships with teachers, students and expand our social skills.  Each child in the classroom brings with them divergent, interests, abilities, cultures, and families. The classroom experience enriches our program for our children’s growth and development. Our goal is to celebrate individuals while creating a sense of community. Each corridor at Buckle My Shoe projects security, nurturing and a supportive environment.

As a community, we share the importance of social interaction, communication, and collaboration, as children expand their understanding of the relationship between self and other.  Our first stop to learning, and embracing our peers and community, we visited classroom 3B.  They are 3.5- 4 years old and Ada and Adam are the two teachers in the classroom.  They have a small tank with fishes and a rabbit name, Pinky. The teachers created and established a nurturing environment; they had different activities displayed on the tables, and cloud dough in the sensory table (a favorite sensory exploration activity our children enjoy). It was engaging and enriching, as all the children interacted with the materials or with one another.

As part of a community we collaborate and share our interests and goals. Classroom 2A used to have a fish and we have two. 1B thought it would be a good idea to give one of the fish a good home and new friends. As a school community, it’s always nice to share.  We voted as a class that the blue fish, Tata, would stay in 1B.  We all walked to classroom 2A to take the Red Fish. As the teacher placed the bowl on the table, the children looked curious and puzzled to see a fish swimming inside.  They all smiled and remained observing their fish.

Part of our curriculum is to provide music.  The words and instruments are the special elements that make the music come alive.  Children smile, jump, clap, and sway to the music they hear. These experiences promote the development of listening and language skills, motor skills, and creativity. 

We visit the "Music Wall" and the children explored and manipulated different instruments in the basket and the guitars displaying on the wall.  As they played an instrument they sang ABC, Mr. Sun, and Twinkle Little Star to name a few.  Music and movement contribute to children’s overall development.  Listening to and making music helps children's developing brain.   As children learn words to songs, it makes them feel proud and able to participate in singing. 

Buckle My Shoe is the core of our community, and the classrooms are the branches.  We want children to experience a fun, hands-on, interactive, and educational learning experience.  I want to express thank you to all parents for their contribution throughout the year and welcoming us as your child's teacher. 


We also celebrated, Happy Parent's Day!  I have always believed that parents day is every day; however, on this particular day, we celebrate each parent for their fantastic job, as they guide and nurture their children.  

Highlits of the week: