As we learn different songs and sing them in repetition, children are learning words, rhythm and the beat of each song.   The first response to music is through the movement of the body.  It helps them express their feelings of excitement.  In addition, music involves many different parts of the brain, so singing which includes music and language helps develop these areas.   We are learning a popcorn song and jump in the middle song.  It will take practice before we know the words well.  Practice and opportunities are the two keys that are important in the classroom.   I want the children to learn in fun and interactive way. 

Our guiding study of the year, The Identity of a Child, focused on the importance to embrace their individuality.  We extended our study to Family.  In this section, we discussed the different types of families and how each family celebrates together.  We are entering the third facet of our project, Buckle My Shoe Community (Peers and School).  Our first step to learning and understanding our peers and school, we visited classroom 3b.   The teachers are, Ms. Ada and Mr. Adam and the children are 3.5 - 4 years-old.  

We were curious and wanted to meet their pet rabbit, Pinky, and learn a few things about him. We all sat with them during circle time, sang a song with them, which involved some dancing, and some of the children from classroom 3b articulated what pinky likes to eat, his coat color, what he likes and doesn't like.  Pinky did not reveal himself; it seemed he was hiding in the kitchen area.   Our children were able to catch a glimpse of Pinky, under the stove! 

Our class seemed comfortable and ready to explore the environment. Observing and interacting with different hands-on activities, allowed the children to engage with a variety of materials.  The children had a fun, educational and interactive day in classroom 3b.

We went on a neighborhood walk and saw cars, trucks, and sang some songs!

Highlights of the week: