We are all alike and different in many ways; for example, we have hair, two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth.  However, our hair color might be different, the shape of our nose, mouth, eyes as well.   We are all special and unique!  The children are still learning about their facial features. As we continue the path to understanding each other and our differences, the children appear to be having fun exploring their identity.   

 The handprint activity is a tactile experience!  As the paint is applied on his/her hand, they feel the sensation of the paint; cold, warm and smooth.  Once covered with paint, he/she gently stamps their hand onto the paper and makes an imprint of their hand.  A selection of color paint was provided, for the children to choose the color that they wanted their handprint to be.      These handprints, with their picture, are displayed in the classroom.   All handprints are distinctive, and each hand is different in size, which builds upon identity and differences. It creates one person, "ME." 


We began measuring their height using unit blocks.  Their bodies are developing and growing in different ways.  Each child will lie in a horizontal position, and on their side will place some unit blocks.   We will all count how many blocks are needed to determine his/her height. They are also building knowledge as they count and learn the shape that is being used to identify their stature.  Measuring their height will continue next week!

Mario- 6 unit blocks and ½ unit block

Edith- 6 unit blocks

Harlow-5 unit blocks, ½ unit block, and ½ pillar block

Harlow was giggling and making funny faces before we selected the picture that would be diplayed on the classroom wall.