We have been reading, Go Away, Big Green Monster with frequency and it has become one of our favorite books.  The book applies to this week's theme about identity.  As the teacher reads and articulates the different features, they learn to identify their ears, eyes, nose, hair, mouth, and teeth.   Each facial feature represents who they are and how different they look.  

We are making an imprint of their hand.  Handprints are distinctive, and each hand is different in size, which builds upon identity and differences. It creates one person, "ME."  

The children will continue making their imprint of their hand, next week.

The teacher asked Harlow, Where are your eyes, hair, and mouth? As she listened to the question, she pointed to each feature.   Each feature is part of her identity.  The color and shape of her eyes, and her hair are distinctive features.  They each represent Harlow.