School is always full of excitement and exploration.  The children are learning to adjust to their new classroom, centers, routines, schedules, teachers, and peers.  As they interact in different activities, they engage with peers and learn to share, and collaborate with their new friends.  They each demonstrate a different temperament.  They express his/her ideas, and thoughts differently.  

We are going to be focused on each child's identity.  It will comprise on their curiosity, likes, and dislikes, similarities, and differences, and personalities are some of the attributes we are going to be observing.

Painting at the easel gives children the freedom to move their arms and body simultaneously.   It helps them to aim and stretch their arms to the focal point they want to stop.   Maneuvering the paintbrush helps them improve eye-hand coordination and helps them to develop to use a pincer grasp to hold the paintbrush.  The activity encourages the fine motor skill development by improving the muscles in the fingers and hands, strengthening hand grip, and developing wrist movement.  Painting with a paintbrush also increases the child’s visual and tapping his/her imagination.  They each projected their unique brushstrokes!!