As we continue our theme of the year, identity, we find different ways to explore and display our uniqueness.   There are different strands of his/her identity that shapes their personality, interests, and traditions, to name a few.

The children are continuing learning and gradually identifying their facial features.  They have finished their handprints and we are almost finishing measuring their height, using unit blocks.   They each are demonstrating their funny side, as they lay on the rug, and the teacher counts how many unit blocks he/she needs to complete their measurements.  The children's height is part of their identity.   As they develop, they become taller, and they each grow differently.    Also, they are building knowledge, as the teacher demonstrates and articulates the unit blocks needed for their measurements.  We want the children to enjoy and discover “Me!”  Implementing different activities helps them to see their differences and similarities.  We will measure their height in December, March, and June. 

As you know, our intent or theme for this year is about each child's identity, which will include their differences, similarities, likes, dislikes, culture, and language, to name a few of the attributes we will be exploring. I am arranging a page for each child with their picture, the name of their culture, ethnicity, or how you represent yourself.  There will be two questions:  How you say hello and goodbye in your language.  If you want to list more than one that's okay too!